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Creating a green roof

creating green roof

Groenpalet installs extensive green roofs. These consist primarily of succulents (sedum). Due to its light weight, an extensive green roof can generally be installed on an existing roof, even the roofs of garden houses and outhouses.

A green roof can be installed on flat roofs and roofs with a pitch of up to 45°. Special facilities have to be fitted for pitches steeper than 35°, though.

A green roof is structured as follows:

  • Waterproof roofing material
  • A root barrier and/or protective membrane
  • A plastic drainage layer with filter
  • A substrate layer of between 4 and 20 cm (depending on the chosen plants)

The sedums and/or other plants are planted in the substrate layer. Sedum plants provide ground cover and require little maintenance. They are also resistant to high temperatures and drought. They also resist Belgian winters.

The protective layer of a green roof can triple the life of your roof. After all, it prevents weathering and damage from sunlight, wind and rain. It is also a great thermal and acoustic insulation layer. Rainwater is retained longer, so your drains have less water to deal with during a downpour. Furthermore, installing a green roof is kind to the environment, as the plants remove C02 and dust particles from the air.

Creating a green roof: from design to execution

We will visit you to see whether your roof is suitable for creating a green roof. We will take detailed measurements and provide you with a customised estimate. Additionally, we will advise you on which plants can best be used, depending on the pitch and orientation of the roof.

Did you know that you can choose a specific colour scheme for your green roof? Green, pink, yellow, red, brown, bronze or mixed… we have the right sedums.

Everything is installed neatly and professionally, and carefully finished so you can enjoy your green roof for many years to come.

We can fit green roofs on large or small buildings, such as:

  • garden houses and carports
  • outbuildings
  • roofs of private houses
  • roofs of office and public buildings

If you would like to install your own, private, green roof, or are you a professional gardener, then you can buy the plants you need from us. We will provide you will all the necessary advice and information on how to successfully complete your green roof.









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