Green roofs – Sedum and perennial nursery

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The advantages of a green roof

Advantages green roof

Extend the life of your roof

A green roof extends the life of the roofing material and last three times as long as ordinary roofing.

The layered structure of a green roof protects the roofing against the harmful effects of direct sunlight and rain, reduces roof temperature fluctuations and protects against hail and wind damage.

Insulating effect

An extensive green roof provides excellent insulation in both winter and summer. On a flat roof without planting, the temperature can rise to 70°C in the summer. With a green roof, the planting keeps the temperature down to a maximum of approximately 37ºC.

A green roof substantially reduces the need for air conditioning in the summer and provides insulation in the winter. The level of insulation in the winter depends on the degree of humidity of the various strata.

In the summer, the insulation is optimal, as the layers are dry and therefore effectively reflect the heat. With the reduced need for air conditioning in the summer and lower heating costs in the winter, a green roof generates major energy savings. As energy prices rise, a green roof becomes a steadily more attractive option.

In addition to the thermal insulating characteristics, a green roof offers great acoustic insulation. It goes without saying that the insulation from the sound of rain, hail and birds is excellent.

Air purification

A green roof has a positive impact on the air quality in two ways.

When your roof is covered with green, perennial plants (generally sedums), during the day C02 is absorbed and oxygen is produced. In installing a green roof you are contributing to the reduction of C02 in the air and reducing global warming.

A green roof also purifies the air, removing invisible aerial pollen and dust particles. The plants purify water, which can then be used for household and industrial purposes. Moreover, it is a known fact that greenery has a calming, stress-reducing effect. More green creates a better living environment.

Improved water management

A green roof can absorb roughly 50% of rainwater and release it back into the atmosphere. This considerably alleviates the burden on the sewer system, reducing the danger of flooding and decreasing the need for water purification. A significant increase in the area of green roofs could prove a useful weapon against flooding in the future.








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